As a Gold Preferred Partner, Logicalis works with HPE across their entire range of server, storage software and networking solutions. However long and impressive our list of specialist accreditations, what makes Logicalis’ relationship with HPE work for our customers is Commitment.

At Logicalis we have a commitment to:

  • Deiiverthe highest quality solutions services and support on
    Blade Server through to Superdome
  • Work with HPE across all of their Server and storage platforms
  • Partner with HPE on advanced services, such as Data Centre
    thermal assessments
  • Continue to grow our team ol HPE certitied protessionals with
    their unparalleled skills in disk and tapeabased storage solutions,
    including SAN NAS & DAs and expenise in: StorageWorks,
    Enterprise virtual Array (EVA), Modular Storage Array (MSA),
    Alpha HPEVUX, Superdome, ltanium and ProLiant.





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